Mar 4, 2012

If It Suits You..

Whether tailored, over-sized, mismatched, embellished, dressed up or worn down, women's suits have lived an ever-evolving life. But really, when you owe your start to someone like Coco Chanel, how can you NOT be a hit for generations? Unisex fashion is not simply a man wearing women's clothes or a woman wearing men's clothes, but rather it's a blending of the two. While suits will always look quite sexy on men (thank you Clooney, Gosling, et al), I argue that women look just as good - if not better in them.

To be fair, it must be said that the suit may have gotten lost in the black abyss that is the late '90s... But thankfully it found its way back into our hearts and closets, bending genders and being all around androgynous as always.

So enjoy this brief juxtaposition of the suit's early beginnings and more modern twists. As Barney Stinson would say, "Suit up!"

Women's Victory Suits, circa 1940

The Chanel Suit, c. 1955

Bianca Jagger, 1972

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, 1977

Madonna, somewhere in the '80s

Kate Moss

Jennifer Aniston

Diane Kruger

Alexa Chung

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