Sep 27, 2011

Trend Alert: Colored Pants

Fall is finally here! After weeks and weeks of waking up to a surprisingly warm September sun, we Seattlites are back to what we know: clouds and rain. But never fear! The transition into fall means one thing, my dear friends - a new fall wardrobe! Bring out those sweaters, wool socks and raingear, it's bundling time!

One of my favorite trends for the upcoming autumn season is..... please hold your applause until the end.... colored pants!! see what I did there? Now, I'm an admitted denim lover - I'll probably die wearing my favorite pair of jeans.. But I'm totes ready to jump aboard this bandwagon, full throttle, all engines go, no strings attached, and with every other preposition.

Whether they be pink, mustard, navy, green, red or brown, let's ditch the standard blue jeans this fall and opt for pants in these trendy hues. Because what would Pocahontas do? Paint with all the colors of the wind*.

*not that she ever wore pants..

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