Jul 2, 2011

DIY Clutch

American Apparel has these really cute clutches that come in like 20 different colors and go for $68.

They're a-DOR-able and such a simple style that I decided to try to make my own. So, I bought some vinyl in tan, black and red, and three 16-inch zippers.

First, I cut the vinyl to be just a bit bigger than a magazine, so it'll be plenty big to hold the essentials.

Next, fold the fabric so the shiny side is facing in; fold back a bit of the vinyl and pin the zipper FACING DOWN to this edge.

Then pin the zipper's other edge along the opposite edge of vinyl (sorry it's kind of hard to see).

Sew along both edges of the zipper. TIP: Unzip the zipper all the way to allow for more sewing room.

Then sew the right and left edges of vinyl to close the sides of the clutch. TIP: After you sew one edge, be sure to unzip the zipper, otherwise you will have sewed your clutch shut inside out :)

Once the sides are sewn, flip your clutch right-side-out and TA-DAAA! Super cute clutch :) This is such a quick and simple project - I made three in less than 2 hours.

The fabric, zippers and thread for 3 clutches only cost me $22, when one at American Apparel is $68!
Win? I think so.
Happy DIY-ing :)

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